I will be focusing on information based on Candy-Addict

Basic Information Edit

She is mainly known for her artwork and animation. If you ever meet her in real life she will most likely greet you with open arms. She goes mostly by Female and Male pronouns she doesn't care if you call her a boy or girl in simple terms. She is often characterized as lesbian and goes by that mostly. She has black hair with brown hair colored on the bottom area of her hair. Her main device is an iPad Pro which she uses for art mostly.She goes with a girl that she refers to as "Noodle hair" they have been together for about a year. In school she is known for her outgoing personality and confidence she is never seen sad in public and seems to be like nothing out of the ordinary.

Personal Topics Edit

It's almost impossible to see her when she is sad- Camren never has been even known to show anger in most cases but she does have mental problems that you begin to see when you meet her. She usually calls herself a fat ass (she is currently 125 pounds ) and says that she has trust issues and holds grudges alot- if you ever made her feel down or anger chances are she will not forgive and ignore you until she never has to deal with you again. She characterized her family as "There just people that I don't like" she says that her sister makes her feels like nothing as well as her grandmother her mother is the only one that she likes in her family even though she has physically hurt her from time to time she has forgave her for this- she has suicidal tendencies and in her darkest moments will grab a belt of some sort and sufficate herself with it. She has told her family long ago and yet has still not got suicidal help or a counselor she still tends to do this even with her family's restrictions 

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